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Hi all.

New to Exige ownership so please go steady on me!

I note the s1 rear engine cover is solid, and encloses the engine.

My s2 is obviously with grills.

My car is currently outside in the elements as I am having remedial work done on my garage.

Is there any issue with water and moisture from rain getting into the engine bay and are there any solutions such as plastic trays to catch the rain and funnel elsewhere?

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My S2 has clearly lived some of its life outside and the has regularly been wet. This has caused some surface corrosion on the alloy which has mostly brushed off, the wiring loom faded in the sun, being a bit OCD I have dyed it black. The most serious problem was the radiator header tank (Toyota white plastic part), it became brittle and fell apart, I guess from the UV light. I got a new one under warranty. Otherwise, no long term effects on my car.

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