260 Cup springs and geo

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Re: 260 Cup springs and geo

Post by Dean_C » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:48 pm

Ohlins damper lengths & spring rates
Easiest way to tell is to simply measure the dampers (measurements are centre of the top end eye to centre of bottom end eye)

Exige 240 & pp

Front 337mm/57nm
Rear 414mm/74nm

Exige Cup 260 -

Front 327mm/80nm
Rear 404mm/105nm

2-11 std ( i think the 211 has shorter length wishbones too)

Front 316mm/80nm
Rear 384mm/105nm

Picture shows 260 cup springs with locking collars set at std ride height for 240 springs. The cup springs are shorter both front and rear.

To convert a set of 240 shocks to 260 spec it's valves, shock length & springs. I need to get my shock lengths sorted, so i can run a lower ride height.
Photo 09-10-2013, 17 15 44.jpg

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