2ZZ VVT issue - car stalls after engine rebuilt

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2ZZ VVT issue - car stalls after engine rebuilt

Post by BlackLotusExige » Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:13 pm


i own a Lotus Exige S240 MY2008 for almost 10 years
back in May, i lost compression in 1 cylinder. i decided the rebuilt the engine with Mahle pistons setting the CR to 9.0
i have a TVS1320 SSC kit and SSC ECU
Pistons Mahle CR 9.0
rods/valves/springs/ etc etc, all are new and are "stronger" parts
injectors 720cc from the SSC kit
chargecooler / 2bular custom exhaust

after my engine rebuilt, i have issues starting the car
i was flooding the engine/ having the sparks wet

i managed to start the car once, it ran beautifully for 20min , just to get it warm for me to check the levels (oil/coolant)
eversince, i have issues
the car starts but it dies immediatly
i can keep it alive with the throttle, but as soon as i lift my foot, the car stalls

at first , i thought my basemap was incorrect

after getting in touch with both SSC and Adaptronic, they all told me the car should start with my map

here is what i checked in order:
- spark plugs are new, they are getting spark
- i tested with others injectors (new), same behaviour
- injectors tested in WARI -> OK
- i fix a TMAP wiring problem, sending wrong Kpa values to the ECU
- i cleaned all connectors i could access, the only one not cleaned is the knock sensor
- i put a newer O2 sensor
- i tested the cam sensor unplugged

i don't have wet plugs anymore but the car stalls

i'm troubleshooting actually with adaptronic, we've narrow down the issue with my cam timing, i'm too advanced
Mark from adaptronic says :
That log shows that the cam is advanced about 45°. The file I gave you has VVT control disabled.
The ECU reports the cam angle being way advance even without the ECU's effort to control VVT.
So possible things that might be happening:
- Physical cam timing has moved, or
- VVT oil control valve is stuck, or
- VVT wiring may be grounded causing the OCV to open

so here is what i did after taking out the cam cover today
- i performed a procedure of unlocking the pin on the VVT sprocket when installing on the cam: hand tight the bolt-> unlock pin with 20psi of air -> torque the bolt -> lock back the sprocket
https://www.newcelica.org/forums/showth ... p?t=299052
- my timing is correct and looking as in the pictures of BOE
https://www.boefab.com/blogs/tech/50212 ... cam-timing
- i've checked the VVT solenoid in WARI: Aux Out -> invert: i can hear it click

my problem is still there, the logs shows i'm too advanced 😞

do you have any idea on what to check/test?
swap solenoid? (VVT solenoid will be a PITA, looks like i need to move the inlet manifold..)
new solenoid?

i'm lost to be honest 😞

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Re: 2ZZ VVT issue - car stalls after engine rebuilt

Post by andybond » Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:23 am

Did you find the answer to this @BlackLotusExige ?

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