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I think its safe to say opinion is divided.
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Of my non-Lotus specific petrolhead friends, it seems to have gone down as a universal hit. Small sample size, I don't have many friends.
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I think there’s two areas in discussion here

Would you buy one?
And is the Emira the right direction for Lotus?

I can’t see me buying one as I’m not a big fan of forced induction. But moving forwards I think it’s the right move for the company providing the reviews are as they should be; and there aren’t too many teething issues. Parts supply anyone? 🤨

Let’s hope the dealer network ups it’s game too.
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I think it looks great and it will no doubt have dynamics way beyond what 98% is drivers can exploit. It’s what Lotus needs to sell cars in any volume. Most buyers don’t give a dam if it’s lighter or heavier than a Cayman. I would be feeling pretty sick if I had just ordered an FE Exige or Evora for Sunday drives.

I am seriously thinking of ordering one, I’d want the AMG engine, which I guess will be late 2022.
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I think it looks good (from both an aesthetic and concept/use case point of view) but it just makes me want an Evora more for some reason.

To respond to an earlier point too (without wanting to drag this too far away off topic) about the weight /idea similarity to the A110 and lack of sales success with that. I don't think that's quite a fair comparison. I believe the A110 has suffered due to lack of brand image /recognition and they fundamentally misunderstood the market for a low weight, dynamically great drivers car only being available as an auto.

Something I hope the 4pot Emira won't struggle with too.
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Looks familiar to someone?


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gonein60seconds wrote: Wed Jul 07, 2021 11:53 amI think yhe Emira is fantastic for what it is, rather than what it isn’t.
The rest of your post was spot on, but this is very spot on. :thumbup:
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Do you know, the best way to actually comment is to drive one, which I def will as I rather like it. It rather amuses me that folk willingly put down a deposit without actually driving it. But heyho we live in rather strange times ;)
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Shock, horror...... I'm not that fussed!

Looks generic, could have a Honda, McLaren badge on the front.
I know the market has shifted and good on Lotus but its not raw enough for me, I'm not bothered about the Volvo multifunction steering wheel or infotainment system.

Maybe in the flesh I'll like it?!
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winthattt wrote: Wed Jul 07, 2021 4:32 pm I am seriously thinking of ordering one, I’d want the AMG engine, which I guess will be late 2022.
There's a temptation to stick a deposit down purely on the basis that the AMG one is so far away in the future - and in that time there's a fair chance of a cup/clubsport special type thing being announced which the deposit could (hopefully) be switched to :mrgreen:

Based on how Lotus models usually go, I'm not sure I'd be enthusiastic about owning one of the first off the line - but I bet we're going to get some corking specials down the line.
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