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Wondering what to do with the oil on my Elise, it was last serviced C plus cambelt 2 years ago, sadly because of last year it has only done 300ish miles since (wasn't even MOT'd last year)

Should I bother to change the oil or not? Is it really worth the effort?
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No, it’s not worth the effort. It does not go “off”sitting in the sump. Most manufacturers of good synthetic oil say it lasts 5 years. When my car hardly moved I changed the oil every 3 years which was a few k miles, just to keep some sort of service history.
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I personally would change it, but I can't make a strong argument for it other than it's an opportunity to get under the car, give everything a once over - and at the end of the day, it's not a huge cost.
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I'm technically rubbish but I specifically asked Nick Adams (Elise / Exige dev lead) this question and his reply was to change it every year regardless.
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Change it, drive it more. Done.
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Yes 100% change
a = Oil and filter is cheap
b = During hot/cold/hot periods the engine can sweat internally with condensation, that is now potentially in you oil.
c = see a
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Ok, taking everything on board, I think Dave's argument was best, I will be changing the oil prior to use this year. Oh and I do plan on using it more than a hundred miles or so.....
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