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So, still don�t get to post up here as much I as would like, but, can�t seem to find anyone who understands quite how cool this is...

Way home from work, pop into waitrose to pick up a couple of bits... walk out with an autosport signed by Ross Brawn!

The nicest chap you can imagine (particularly given that some random guy came up to him carrying the only motorsport mag they had on the shelf and a pen borrowed from the girl at the bakery counter, while he was trying to choose between strawberry and raspberry jam)

Had a quick chat (did of course apologise for blindsiding him by the preserves), signed my autosport, shook my hand and wished me well...

Have always thought people who do that kind of thing are just a little lame, but at the end of the day, the man�s a legend, how can you not say hello!

Took me about 5mins to remember where I had parked the car after all that though... :D

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Ha ha cool, man is indeed a legend
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Great stuff ..
People are people afterall !
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Reminds me of an incident at Goodwood a few years back. Sat having lunch in the drivers tent and sat at a table with Derek Bell on it. No drama there, as I'm too young to remember his heyday. Then Murray Walker sits down and we exchange pleasantries before a God like (to me at least) Nick Mason sits down. Now I have a signed personalised copy of his book 'Inside Out', as I'm a big fan of Pink Floyd, and he's an A list car collector, but could I find any words to talk about either?!? Not a one! It was like someone in that instant had torn out my tongue, punched my heart, and removed my grasp of the English language. I was desperate to tell him about The book that a third party had got for me, or ask him about his cars, but all I kept thinking was that I'd sound like a complete and utter muppet! I look back on it now and still curse myself for being daft, but at that moment in time, the situation just took over.

Fair play to the OP for chatting with Ross Brawn and for him having the humility to give his time.

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Great stories guys :grin:
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Good stories - thanks for sharing. Here's one of mine:

I used to work at Redline (modified car mag) and the local BMW dealer asked if we'd like to go and meet Jensen Button. We didn't cover F1 in the mag and didn't really think it was relevant, but thought we'd pop along anyway to get him to sign a mag to give away to a reader.
Queued up waiting our turn, got to the front and words to the effect of "no sorry, you can't use me to promote your magazine". What a twat.

And another:
I was at the Motorshow minding my own business on the Ferrari stand and Jay Kay strolls up and says "I used to have Independents on my board". I think 'what the fook are you talking about?!' before realising I'm wearing an Independent skateboard trucks T-shirt! Fair play to him, nice guy and true petrol head.
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i love it when this happens. id be gutted if i met someone i admired and they turned out to be an arse.....
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Funny you should say that about Jenson Button, he's Dad was ok though. :)
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83man could write a book about his chats/boozy encounters with legends such as Sir Stirling, Jackie Stewart,Derek Bell & RussT etc.
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