Our leaders not well !

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Hope Rob doesn't mine me posting this, it's copied over from Nyloc.

"I've had a chat with Rob today and he has given me the ok to mention the contents of our conversation on the site. I'm not going into great detail, I'm sure in due course he will be back posting up himself.
Rob's been off colour for a couple of weeks with chest pains, unfortunately this became more severe when he was at the Man Utd football match last Wednesday. He was taken to the St John's Ambulance room where a senior doctor confirmed he was having a heart attack. Fortunately it turned how to be a relatively mild attack and after being admitted to hospital he had a stent inserted and was subsequently moved to his local hospital for a few days recuperation.
The good news is he came out of hospital yesterday morning and is now having a weeks rest with a relative at Silverdale :up "

So take it easy and get well soon

And thanks to Nyloc1 for letting us know.

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Was wondering whether to post this or not Mike.

Just had a couple of texts from our number one man - pleased to report he hasn't lost his sense of humour :)

Get well soon MrP and calm down dear :)
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Best wishes from us all here Rob! Get well soon.
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Oh bugger - glad to hear he's ok, and out of hospital.
fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery Uncle P :)
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Bloody hell... that is tough news...

Wishing Rob all the very best for a 'speedy' recovery.
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Bloody hell, I'm in shock. I'll send him a text in the morning. All the best for a speedy recovery Dad, very sorry to hear that.

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Get well soon uncle P
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Crikey Uncle P, relived that you are on the mend & wishing you a speedy recovery

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get well soon matey and take it easy

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Hi Rob, have you been at the fried Mars bars again.

Hope you are feeling better, take care and will talk soon.

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