Yellow Exige Wanted

Wanted Norfolk Mustard Yellow Exige, Would prefer 190hp with race seats and harnesses. If the interior is in blue Alcantara all the better but will consider any other interior colour if the price is right!! Probably not wanted for a few weeks so have a think if you own a yellow one cos I may well want it!!!E-mail at:- [email protected]

On the Lotus BBS site someone is asking guide price for an Exige in Norfolk Mustard, 177BHP, Kevlar race seats, Harnesses, Momo wheel, 3837 miles…Best be quick, you might be lucky.Tony

You’re not having mine! I love it too much.Good luck. Hope you find a good one.

Cheers Tony, I’ll check it out quick!!!Just spent an age sarching for it, but got there in the end. Sounds quite interesting, Thanks again[This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 27 November 2002).]

It was nearer the top when I posted on here.Good luck anyway

DavidNick Whales have 2 mustard yellow cars at the mo. One is 177, the other 190, both with aircon & leather seats (NOT race seats/harnesses. Mileages are 12500 & 8800 respectively. I think the asking price for the 177 with 12500 miles = �23950, with the 190 a couple of grand more.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 27 November 2002).]

Cheers,Been to Nick Whale an seen the 12000 mile one, got him down a bit further on the price cos needs tyres, brakes bit of paint etc. Not a bad one but shame about the seats.Had a call from them this morning about the other one which sounds better car, again shame about seats.H R Owen have one as well, just droped price as they’ve had it a while. Might take a drive for a look at them both.The one on the Lotus BBS sounds great!! hope he logs on soon!!!Cheers bothDaveBrendan, sure you don’t fancy selling?? I’ll give it a good home!!![This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 27 November 2002).]

Nick Whale recently sold Chrome Orange I understand, 51 reg, 190bhp, nice spec, 3.5k miles, for �29k - values on the up?

SimonYes that’s why they have now got the 8000 mile yellow one. They told me that this guy was desperate for the orange one and it was only a matter of time before they did the deal.Dave

DaveThe Chrome Orange was totally immaculate, was v v interested but thought bit on the expensive side, have they still got the Black Exige for sale?Simon

DaveSorry, but something just come to mind, 8k, Mustard Yellow - nearly bought similar at E Type Centre, Coventry - reg no isn’t X 975 VTW is it? - if so may have got info for you.Simon

Simon Not sure on the black one, seem to remember it being there when I was last, but that was three weeks ago. didn’t really pay much interest to it because it wasn’t yellow!!!Think the 8000mile one was a Y reg and reputed to be in similar condition to the chrome orange one that the guy part x’ed it for.Hope I can find one is as good a condition, just wish I could find one with seats & harnesses as it appears to be quite a costly upgrade!!Still not heard back from Ed Moore on the Lotus BBS. That one sounds the one to go for if only I can get hold of him!!Dave

DaveI know a Yello 177 exige approx 4000miles with Race seats and harnesses & removable steering wheel - black alcantara trim and totally immaculate absolutely no stone chips. Sept 2000 car.I think you could get it for about �25k but will have to come to bonnie scotland.Let me know if you would be willing to come up for a look.[This message has been edited by RoxTeddy (edited 01 December 2002).]

Hey RoxNot selling your’s are you???

Thanks Roxguess your talking about the one at Murray motor co.Spoke to him the other day and he was going to to sed me some pictures of it, as yet not had any!! Sounds like a good one but an awfull long way to go to see it, said he’d take 24K for it.Got another one in tow at the moment, just trying to get the deal together!!!Keeping fingers crossed!!Dave

Hi DaveNice to talk to you the other day…Hope you get one soon. You certainly sound as you have got the bug!JOHNO [image][/image]

pic of Murray car Paul

Cheers paul, I’ll take a look!!Hi JohnO,Thanks for the quote the other day, will probably be in touch soon (I hope!!!)What was that web address you gave me for the Monaco trip?? There’s 4 or 5 of us that may (?) be up for it.Certainly want to go back to Nurburgring next year, what an awsome track, 21kms of pure fun, I’d like to get a big group together though like your monaco trip, far more fun!!!Anybody up for it???Dave[This message has been edited by Dave Kelly (edited 04 December 2002).]

Hi folks,Thanks for all the response to my thread, it was much aprechated (mmm why don’t BB’s have spell checkers!!!)Please check out the Exige talk, "My New Exige"Many thanks again,Dave