Yellow Exige S1 2000X for sale

2000 S1 is now for sale, its pretty standard. 190 upgrade. upgraded stereo, bought from Lotus , Engine rebuilt at 15k miles by Lotus, all paperwork, now on 28K miles realistic offers please. no Track use.

any questions i’ll try to answer. its that time and it has to go and i will be very sad when it does.


see link on owners cars for pictures

here is the link

does it come with all the accessories in the advert Damon

sad to hear your leaving us… what the replacement then ?

only a decat pipe is fitted and i have the Cat too, it passed its MOT 2 months ago, replaced all the brakes and disks 2 moths ago too. but is standard after that really, the engine after the full rebuild runs very nice, as you know i ran it in europe 6k miles in 3 weeks it wasnt thrashed. theres the usual stone chips on it though ,

not getting anything till the company car goes later in the year but im thinking of going american truck way, i dont think anything now will compete with the fun i have had with little toy, i love it to bits . i use it every day what ever the weather. the noise and the attention you get is something else…

Damon, I think Rox was enquiring about the accessory attached to the front clam…

Damon, I think Rox was enquiring about the accessory attached to the front clam…

and the tropical island weather…

Damon, I think Rox was enquiring about the accessory attached to the front clam…

You mean this one?

Roxy’s favourite

Doesn’t appear to work Pesk.


Perhaps this will work


oh that excessory…

yeah some of the extras do come with it, but i wouldnt bother. head lamps look good but dont work. tail pipe is corroded, running costs very high, sometimes wont start in the morning, excessive chatter noise, hates getting dirty!!! but is very nicely presented, looks are definatly deceiving!!!


I know perfectly what you’re talking about, having had some models like that.
Nice to look though.


its still for sale, �19500

would you consider taking a mint low mileage S1 111S in p/ex?

not really sure , didnt think about doing that b4, tell me more about what you have and if you have any pictures would of help

The car is a 1999 ‘V’ new aluminium silver s1 111S with black hood and black leather.

I bought the car in November '04 from Meridien Ferrari where it was priced at �16,995. the mileage was only 2,400!!

Upon purchase, the car was sent to Westover Lotus for a full C-service. In addition, I had Meridien fit an Eliseparts s/s exhaust, Hurricane induction kit, 160TB 52mm throttle body, clear indicators at the rear, upgraded S2 wiper and clear side repeaters.

The car now has approx 5,500 miles and is covered by the mother of all warranties (more commonly used for ferrari and maserati).

The car is immaculate as you would expect. The only blemish is a slightly warped enamel bonnet badge from a bungled half-hearted attempt to nick it.

Nick Whale have offered me �15k against their yellow Exige.