Wow, instant registration! I'm in! Newbie here, saying hi...

Helloooo! And thank you! :smiley:

Lol peer pressure :smiley:

Hi Pinky :wave:

More like bullied into it… Hehe… :wink:

Hey jonnyfox. :wave:

Hi Pinkie, w

Welcome to

Fanx!! :smiley:

A most warm welcome to you Pinkie :slight_smile: - it’s a Lotus cosy corner here :smiley:

A lotus cosy corner?! Aww, love that! :angel:

Hey Pinkie,

Just thought I’d repay the Hello :wave: …great looking car, might get my S1 in Matte Black!!



Ooh, an S1 Exige in matte black is the kinda stuff dreams are made of! Lol… Do it! :smiley: