Wanted: VHPD Engine complete

Tom, awesome looking car and interesting history with Gavan Kershaw. I assume it handles superbly. What spec does it have for suspension brakes and engine?

I’ve got to confess (with a touch of embarrassment) I don’t really know the full spec of the car in detail at present although I’m happy I’ve got a goodun

I’ve been so busy with work and stuff that the car has been sitting in her new lock-up (at a motorsport garage and not at my house) so I’ve not really had time to fiddle properly yet.

I was down last weekend and will be down again this weekend to check out a couple of things & try to build a list of spares to carry.

I’ve got a small website going with some more pictures on -


so you bought that trailer off Pistonheads then - was that the one Gavin used to have?

I did yes …it it Sam Bloggs old trailer.