Wanted Exige S1!

Finally. The time has come. I’m on the market for an S1 Exige.

I’m looking for a cherished model.

I would prefer a LHD, of course, but if that’s not possible, will settle for a RHD one.

The colour are in the following order of preference:

1 - Chrome Orange.

10 - Black or Yellow
11 - Laser Blue
12 - Other

Other colours don’t quite make my day, but if the price is right and the car is tip top, why not?

So… don’t be shy and give up to your desires of that beatiful house you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t let a small matter as money stand in you way.

[image]http://www.math.mcgill.ca/loisel/blog/2003-11-06.03h49m50s/uncle-sam-i-want-you.jpg[/image] R EXIGE

Good luck !!!

Hey Mike,

Thought you were going to sell yours, when I saw that you posted a reply to this topic.

Unfortunately not

Not yet my friend…

but maybe you will end up with one just like it ??

With Audi lump? Tell me where’s the beast, i’ll fly there today

I am staying with Bernard this weekend, prior to going to Mallory, so I’ll ask him when his next free slot is, and then all you need is any old exige - mileage and engine not relevant…

not that any exige would be that neglected, but perhaps someone has one with head gasket problems or similar??

I’ll be waiting for that date.


Have you found a car yet?

My car will be up for sale in the next month or so.

It is Right Hand Drive, Chrome Orange October 2000 (UK X registration)

21,000 miles

Has a 200BHP Dave Andrews Engine at 19,000 miles - bottom end rebuilt as well as the head so should last for another 20,000 miles!

It has Pagid RS14 pads and Neoprene bushes, but otherwise the suspension is standard.

It is fitted with an Edwards diffuser at the rear and also has an Elise roll cage fitted.

It comes with lots of parts to return to “normal” - Lotus 190 ECU cams and pulleys. Standard Exhaust and manifold. Spare set of wheels with Toyos. New trim to repleace if rollcage is removed.

The car has been used for sprints and hillclimbs for the last two years, so has seen very low mileage and is spanner checked and oil changed every 50 miles.

Let me know what you think

Yep… I’m still after a Chrome Orange Exige.

Tell me more about the car, why are you selling and how much do you want for it.

If you fell more confortable, drop me a private message with that info



Hi Jose

Private message on it’s way

Have put lots of detail, so hopefully will give you what you need



…Neoprene bushes…

Really? Not Nylatron?


OK - so it might be Nylatron and my brain might be fried :slight_smile:

Unless of course Neoprene makes the car worth more!!!



I guess it could be Neoprene, but I thought that was more wetsuits. I’m a numpty when it comes to rubber (unlike Russ ) so was just a bit surprised.