Ok so ive had no luck finding a Chrome Orange Exige so my next choice is black. Im still after a one with FSH but must be immaculate! Anyone know of one for sale?

When you say immaculate just how so?

The reason I say it if finding on with no stone chips etc is just going to be impossible!

Although I think it was on PistonHeads, black S1 Exige, 1000 miles or something silly! However �26k asking price!!!

Yes ive seen that one…27k for an S1, mmmm interesting!

If by mint you mean mint then you’s pays your monies

Personally I went for cheap and crappy and then track the hell out of it

Also bear in mind that you could get a complete respray for ~�1000 from the right place, front end (if stone chipped a lot) from probably about �300 - �400, again from the right place

I reckon it’s a complete lottery. I went for high mileage, cheaper but very much looked after S1. Almost completely standard but never tracked. I have had it 6 months and just put a battery on it.

I have obviously got loads of plans to waste a kings ransome on it over the next goodness knows how long.

Personally I would only buying one for �27K if i was bolting it to the wall on my living room as an investment.

It’s you money matey - go do what you have to do and get one - they are f*ckin’ ace!

Is the S1 better car than the S2?


Thanks for the offer but its a black one im after…it just looks so mean in black!

If you still want a chrome orange Exige, one came up for sale on pistonheads today.


Thanks Dave, I saw that one!

Im confused now…do I go for black or orange?

that orange one looks nice…

Thanks Dave, I saw that one!

Im confused now…do I go for black or orange?


Sorryyy there is only one mean color… which is B L A C K…

Im in the same boat to im looking for an exige as we speak!! love the black thats the coulour, but the orange is damn fine to…

Like MrHaney, I went for sky-high-miles on my second S1 Exige, since I figured I was going to change the engine anyway and all the other bits (bushes,bearings) are cheap as chips to repair.

That orange one looks nice. Would I be right in thinking it’s been on the track a fair bit ?

Hi All

Yes it has been on the track a fari bit - it is my Sprint/Hillclimb car.

In three years of owning it, I have done 3,000 miles, of which 1,000 were running in the new DVA engine (which only has about 1,700 miles on it.)

I know some people will be put off by a track car, but some people might get interested in the 5 or 6 oil changes a year (in less than 500 miles!!) and similar levels of spanner checking!

That’s the shameless plug over with!

P.S. hate to be leaving the fold, but other half about to have a baby and therefore giving up sprinting for a couple of years (don’t want to be away from home for 15 weekends of the year) - so Exige will be replaced with a car that I will use a bit more socially - a Boxster S. (Bracing myself for all the sarcastic comments!!!)



Is the S1 better car than the S2?

[Lights blue touch paper (Hi all, back from hols! )]

Track car, yes!..road car, no.


Paul Matty Sportscars in Bromsgrove (Just off Junction 1 of the M42) had two S1 Exiges for sale last time I went in there (about a week ago). One of those was black.


The black one is the 27k one.