VHPD engine for sale

looking to sell the engine off my newly run-in Exige. Everything is in great nick. To be sold as complete unit with or without peripherals. 6000UKP ONO

What’s replacing it?!

A BMW M3 ?

What are the peripherals ??

Angelol6000UKP - does that include shipping from Australia to the UK?

I’m buying a complete, heavily worked K-Series for my car. Its had the lot done, bored-stroked, new internals everywhere, aiming for v big NA horsepower. Will let you all know details if it comes to fruition. At this stage, can only afford conversion if I sell my motor first.Pesky, if anyone’s serious about it, I can organise something with shipping costs

peripherals are throttle bodies, exhaust manifold etc. (to be sold separately of course) I’ve got local buyers interested in these items, but would obviously prefer to sell them with the basic engine block