VHPD Emerald map files wanted

I would check the timing first,
On my engine it was totally wrong.
Setting it in the correct way, the rest of the setting was an easy task.


I have Keith’s (winthattt) old Emerald with the base settings on (the settings that are not transferable by the .map files)
I’ve just put the Emerald back on the car and looked into this.

According to the emerald the car was mapped with the reference position of 107 deg BTDC.
Although I also read everywhere that 110 BTDC is correct there is a procedure to follow to get to this result involving a timing strobe (its in the emerald setup options).
This is quite difficult as its impossible to see the timing marks without removing the rear wheel and arch liner.

Hi did you try Dave at Emerald

I know im sooooo late here . Just forthe record -Mine has / was a brand spanking new PTP Engine I speced myselfwhich included piper verniers and a few other bits and bobs. collected it on pallet and fitted myself . Propabably a decade later 2021 … bucket list job,took it Emerald and hadthe pleasure of DAve Walker himself map it . its logstory and struggl;ig with a sticky keboard eeeeeeee yuk. When i get my new laptop ill I update ill writeit… Man… what adifference . but i wouldt sharemaps cos its a big risk, 196hp tad uder 8krpm The yellow plastic squeals with delight . ttfn dave

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