That guy.... again, in that car... again!

Amazingly the Euro borders opened the first weekend of August 2020. All you needed was a negative test before, during and after your visit if I remember correctly… seems ages ago now. As soon as I finished work on the evening of Saturday 1st I jumped in the car with a few tools and a sleeping bag.

It’s 2.5hrs from here to the tunnel, an hour or so in limbo from check-in to exit and another 5hrs approx from Calais to the Ring. With much excitement I arrived under the big red lights around 2am…

It turns out you can’t sleep comfortably in a Lotus! I got my bag out, pushed the drivers seat all the way back and got into the best position I could muster. Absolutely knackered I drifted straight off but only managed a doze for what must have been around 5 seconds. The shock and surprise that I might have actually managed a Zed woke me up enough to stop me getting any more so I spent the next 7hrs wandering around in the cold fog that typically haunts Nurburg by night. :sleeping:

At 10am I managed to blag a breakfast at the Dorint. Bloody lovely it was after all that pacing :joy: Then the shops opened and I even managed to have a wash lol

The track opened at 4pm and after checking in at the ticket office I made my way to the Devils Diner for the first of my 4 TF laps. No records were broken, it was a bit damp on track, but what a way to mark the opening of Covid borders :slight_smile:


I had work to get back to so unfortunately there was no rest to be had for this trip. A quick snooze at PitHaus was all I could drum up before getting back in the car and heading home. We did a quick stop at Spa for a photo mind :slight_smile:

Next time… some geo updates and mods begin.


Camping. In a lotus.

You are mad

Now that’s dedication :joy: