Starting problems

Battery Conditioner
Unregulated trickle charger

The cleverer devices (such as the CTEK & Airflow) monitor the battery terminal voltage and switch out once fully charged. They switch back in when the terminal voltage decays through natural discharge or drain of immobiliser etc.
A plain trickle charger simply applies a low level charge no matter what the condition, potentially damaging the cells if left indefinitely. Fine for short periods though I’d have thought.

Only trickle charging overnight once each week if the car’s not used. Sorry, that’s what I meant by leaving on (come to think of it that was a crap description, so apologies).

There is another alternative. Just use the car regularly

I would but having clutch problems at the moment. Going back into NW on Saturday. Think it’s hydrolic, master or slave cylinders are my guess. Hope it’s not the clutch

PS Just discovered the quick release bolts on the undertray. Saved me ages (after panicking that I’d broken one of the bolts when it fell out after a quarter turn).

Anything else you’ve not told me about, or are you leaving them as suprises?

Hope NW sort your clutch out OK.

I forgot about those QR bolts. It did have them on the diffuser as well, but they were a PITA. NW kept losing them and replacing with standard bolts, and it was a pain refitting them because the diffuser is a slightly tight against the clam. Quick release is right, but putting everything back took forever.

I wouldn’t want to spoil your surprises now, would I?