Possible Exige sale

Was tentatively considering selling my Exige…just had a baby etc and should really be thinking practicality!

Anyway, wondered if anyone could tell me what my likely re-sale value is? It’s a 2000 silver exige, no upgrades as far as I’m aware, one lady owner before me, FSH, excellent condition but needs two new front tyres (not on the A048’s yet either). About 25k on the clock. [color:“blue”] [/color]

Think of your child! Keep the future classic for its inheritence!

Take a look at the cars on Autotrader, I’d say that makes it in the low 20s. But wait a few months until summer and it’s bound to climb a grand or so, nobody buys tracks cars in the winter/wet/cold.


Cheers, inheritance for my daughter…sounds like a good line of fire to use on the old boiler…I’ll try it!

In my case it’s easier, as I got the Exige whith my kids 9 and 6 years old.
Instantly the older one said that the car was hers in the future.
She is very convinced and wants to start racing now.
She’s very good at karting.

I feel happy they would never let me sell the car

I’ve got the same problem Uldis - my partners’ boys won’t let me sell - neither will my partner - stuck with the beast - yahoo!

That’s no way to talk about your partner!