Poss S2 135R px

I have a 2003 mica blue (build # 29) S2 135R with Hardtop, Lotus Exhaust and uprated alpine stereo/speakers. Cost �31k new - i got from HR Owen with 3k on the clock (now has 8k) as a dealer car. 5 sec 0-60. Check out the spec on Lotus website.

It’s mint and looks similar to the new s2 exige.

Am thinking about a PX - am only really interested in a standard S1 exige with VERY low miles. Please let me know if you are interested in a potential PX and submit your car/spec.

Cheers, B

An interesting post this one.

Here’s someone who doesn’t own an S1 right now who recognises the design compromises and apparent shortcomings of the S2 Exige.

I rest my case about S1 residuals getting stronger.

Hiya! Any chance of some pictures for the car?



except mine’s blue.

Are you still looking for a part ex? if you are mail me at [email protected]