One time only offer!!

ok, she is going going…hopefully gone.
Part exing on Weds next week (14.07.04).
So if anyone wants her… fully specced up… all the bits etc etc �18000.00 !!!no offers please! Sept 2000
26K miles,Full Lotus history, new aluminium…I have ummed and ahhed ,and one minute selling the other not. Its been the most enjoyable 3 years .
NO AIR CON ! I believe this is at least 4k under dealer prices at the mo !! But if its after Weds u will be too late

07967 752455

FFS - someone snap his hand off, that’s one hell of a bargain.

But you’ll be back, won’t you, John In the meantime, enjoy the Noble

Yes I’ll be back in about 8 months!! hehee


Jonno - you still got that engine cover FS?



Jonno - you still got that engine cover FS?

Yep, it’s �18K, but you also get everything else mentioned in the advert thrown in for free

Only interested if you can do me a 2 for 1 deal on my insurance with you…


Still have the bits but will sell them once the car has gone on Weds. Though the 48’s are promised to Russ, so just the wheels, tyres on the wheels, couple of once used rear 48’s and the perspex engine cover. And of course the main attraction at �18k !

Let me know how much you would be thinking of for the wheels

Wheels and tyres gone. Think the perspex cover is promised to Rox… cant remember if he wants it!
No takers on the car… shame! Probably get more for it if I stripped it down bit by bit

Did you try putting it on Pistonheads: clicky . They get quite a bit of trade I think, it is free and if you are part-exing it, it will prolly be up there on Weds (plus �4-5k).

May have to deal with some numptys in the process tho’


You Have Mail…

I am interested in the cover… i also wanted a shout at the wheels and some tyres but you didnae get back to me can you mail me offline regarding the kinda mullah you are thinking… please…

John, have you seen Boothy’s post on NORLOG? I think he is interested, provided you throw in a hairdryer and some scissors.

Update… Had a call Sat night just as I was getting on a plane home from London! Chappie wanted to see it Sunday (yesterday). He came down from Peterborough at 10 am… sold at 11 am! I think he has got a really excellent car, and I am most sorry to see her go . He is an enthusiast and been to look at 5 already I think, and will be using it for sprints and hill climbs too.
So the love affair with the Exige is finally over… bring on the dancing girls!!! In this case the Noble.
But I hope to remain posting on here and watch this space for spring time next year…I’ll be baaaack

I’ve got one for sale for the same kind of money if anyone’s interested, 21,000miles, 4 point harness’s & seats, short throw gear shift, quick release wheel, AO48’s, 190BHP, New S/Sport Exhaust, Air Induction Kit & ‘alledgedly’ Throttle Body’s. New Mortgage is gonna kill me, hence she’s gotta go

Bob You have mail. Missed out on JohnO’s car unfortunately . For some reason havent been able to post but have been able to send pm.

For some reason havent been able to post but have been able to send pm.

maybe your firewall ?

Hi Cristian,
Interested in my car mail me on [email protected]
Cheers, Bob