Oil leak on send or return oil cooler pipes


In the end I took off all the wheelarch liners and the oil cooler shield and the undertray, and took the car to Plans, where it couold be done on a four poster lift…

The taking off of bits saved me paying for the easy work, and they did the hard stuff very efficiently…

Bloody good job too - I would have got drowned in oil and taken several days to completely bodge it up, and ended up there anyway !!!

They did it in five hours (plus me taking the old hoses to Think Automotive (a.k.a. Mocal) to get the hoses copied) - much better spec hoses - braided and heatshrinkwrapped - and lighter too !!!

No leaks - well done Plans !!!

BUT don’t ever mention the fiasco whereby my son put the wheels on the car before I set off to save me time, and put the locking wheel nut key in my toolkit at HOME