MOT with Emerald ECU

Steve, the 1k you’d spend would stop the engine eating itself. It’s only eating itself because its over fueling so much.

Soggster - whilst your particular engine may have been eating itself, I think there is enough evidence from others to suggest that the problem was not the 190ecu in general (as you suggested) but rather your particular ecu (ie a faulty one) or another issue eg timing (as Dave and others have elequently detailed in this thread and others)

Agreed - you’re kidding no-one except yourself

Secretly, maybe I want to ignore any issues with the engine and hope it blows up - that way there can only be a choice between Honda and Audi - why does no one talk about the VX220 turbo?

However, fair play to the 190ecu and the rest of the kit with regard to the faults laid at its door…

I have upgraded at least half a dozen 190 Exiges… Not a single one of them had the cams properly timed when they were checked even those with the modified 190 inlet pulley.

Dave - you must be forgetting SeanB’s car - "No, didn’t need verniers. Mine had the revised Lotus pulleys fitted as part of the 190 conversion. Dave cehecked and double checked the cam timing and it was spot on what he wanted it to be. But I have to say I didn’t ask him what it was actually timed up at.


Dave…SeanB was correct then?

What the hell is a vx220 turbo?

Some new kind of vacuum cleaner


I’ve just looked up SeanB’s timings, both cams were around 10 thou out on lift at TDC, close enough not to need verniers but not exact. The first time the belt is changed of course these settings will change…

His was the exception that proves the rule. (and yes I had forgotten).



what should the Inlet and Exhaust lift at TDC be on a standard 177bhp car and what should it be on a 190bhp car ?

I have just changed my cam-belt and would like to check the lift, but don’t actually know what i’m should have.

The correct lift at TDC should be 130 thou on the inlet and 110 thou on the exhaust. 177 cars generally had the inlet retarded to around 90 thou lift at TDC.



thanks Dave

Just a bit of advice wanted, I would love to understand engines like some of you amaizing people, but i dont!!.
I have a Lotus factory installed 190 upgrade, so it should be OK - yeah right!! . As i recently failed mot i was thinking about emerald time SO as i live in Kent/ East Sussex - who are the best people to take it to. I would love Mr Andrews to do it but he is not that local to me. Appereciate recommended experts

I would love Mr Andrews to do it but he is not that local to me. Appereciate recommended experts

I think you will find that travelling to get something done, is definitely the “done” thing. It is really worth it in the end as there are usually big differences between getting something nearly right and right.

I’m with Steve, it is worth the trip, the guy is great and its his ECU and no one knows it better.

After years of reading CCC and everything else the guy has written, I was a bit awe struck having him work on my car. Top bloke!!!

I stayed in a local pub / B&B which was cheap and within walking distance of his workshop.

Money well spent IMO


I think you mean Dave Walker, not Andrews…