Mk1 GT3 Club Sport

Rhd (orginally destined for New Zealand but imported to UK from new)
17,500 miles
Fire-resitant cloth seats
Climate control A/C

I’ve owned it since Nov 2002 and mainly used as a weekend car. Only on track once as I have Radical SR3 for trackdays.

Email me if interested. Thanks.


That’s one of the very few cars which I’d swap my Exige for - if I had that sort of cash!

What are you getting instead of this and the EVO, Ally? You’re a lucky boy, good luck to you, mate

Well, I can definitely recommend them Rob. Raw driving experience a la Exige with great engine at it’s heart.

A few cars I’m interested in at the moment but may wait until next year and just get something fairly sensible, but still fun, meantime. Quite fancy an auto for some reason so considering anything from Jag S TypeR to late Porsche 928 GTS to replace Evo 7.

Fancy a Brabus CLK as I am looking to go back to manual.

Steve, not a car I had been considering but what’s the engine/suspension spec?

Ally. 3.2 Merc with top end mods. General details can be found at and info on mine is on pistonheads. I can be a bit impulsive on car purchases and this was one of those occations. I just prefer manual.

Dunno much about Mercs although like the new E55 AMG.

If it’s got 500bhp, I may be interested.

If it’s got the 5.5 supercharged V8 it’d be 550bhp/!!!


If only