6J front and 7.5J rears wanted with or without tyres. E mail [email protected] or phone 01621 742212.

Rob,I’ve just had a reply from Speedline Corse regarding these: [image][/image] David has them on his supercharged Exige.Below is what the helpful chap from Speedline said (I hope he doesn’t mind me distributing it, I assume not). BTW, I would have thought you only need the 3mm spacer for the rear (see mail) if you wanted Motorsport spec wheels.=============================================Hi Ian,Thanks for the enquiry.You are right, the 2010 wheels are made in specifications to suit the Exige.7x16 ET78.5x17 ET12These wheels were originally specified for the Motorsport Elise ( which ismechanically similar to Exige ), so there are a couple of subtle differencesfor fitting to the Exige.1. You need to use Motorsport Elise wheel nuts.2. You need to use a 3mm spacer on the rear wheel.Weight saving will be in the order of 2Kg a wheel !These wheels are a racing spec. so are not warranteed for road use. Whatthis means in practice is that the wheels are not designed to bash potholesall the time ! I suppose the most important thing to consider about thistype of wheel is that whilst road wheels from Speedline are designed to havea long life, the racing wheels are designed to have a relatively hard life,but low in milage terms. Usually this means 2 or 3 seasons of race use, butcan sometimes be 6 or 7 if the milage is quite low.Unfortunately we don’t have any aluminium wheels available for that fitment.Prices;7x16 �232-00 each + VAT.8.5x17 �304-00 each + VAT.Black colour is no problem, we normally have them in stock, but happen to beout at the moment with several sets on back order with Italy.Due to the Italian August holidays delivery will be late September.Feel free to ask if you need more info.Kind regardsDavid

Thanks for that! - I’ve bitten the bullet and ordered a set from Elise Parts. BTW, I have to use 15 and 16 inch on the Mk1 Elise or it alters the gearing - means I can’t use A039’s though.