0-1 tosser :smiley: :wink:

[quote=Benja][quote=pete757]Honary Secretary to the R.S.P.W.W

(Royal Society for the Prevention of White Wheels) :smiley:

Does Mr P Friction sit on the board with you :wink: [/quote]

Yes… recently appointed… his voice squeals too :>)


I am my wifes bitch (in a good way)!!


lol of course in a good way, so most are engineers or their wife bitch lol

Sad and lonely IT consultant

Server Administrator, but not sad or lonely :slight_smile:

Dolphin trainer

So you used to fit bathrooms, but now show others how it’s done?

/MOBEN rant :angry:/

:sunglasses: Ding - but of the building services kind…

I sell cars. Boring ones. heh

I try to help those bent on self-destruct - I’m a psychotherapist in the NHS

It gets the conversation going with the girlies :smiley:

I work as the Brand Manager for Ford’s Commercial Vehicles.

Another design engineer, based in Woking…

Boob-tester and nipple counter!

LOL i would love that job much better then most of ours

I like boobs and nipples!!!

Wondered why you’d grown some! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

:smiley: LOL