I've MIL too!

The Lambda loom was causing the massive fluctuation but now I have this slight stutter and constant reading. The maf is new, installed from the top, is that right? I have the car booked in with Stratstone Lotus Tuesday so I’ll see what they say. Probably a stock filter coming on…Thanks ade, checked that already.


My GF just had this on her Celica (keeps coming back) and cleaning the MAF worked for me. It’s very delicate so I used a cotton bud doused in electrical contact cleaner.

It’s new Mark, replaced it…everyones blaming the ITG airbox, am I the only one with it on or what

Even the same model car can react in a different way, try changing it back and see what happens, if you miss the noise then get a TRD airbox from Lotus Motorsport

I’ve kind of lost it do you know why I can get one cheap!

I have a spare, I bought it to make some modifications so I didn’t ruin my std one, never did it as I found the Lotus Sport airbox upgrade, drop me a PM I’m sure we can work something out

Ah, it’s new…

Then maybe it’s genuine.

In which case it may be the airbox - or maybe your new exhaust system and airbox mean it genuinely is lean? it wouldn’t be unheard of.

PS - still no news on a Spa space but i’m hopeful!

Fingers crossed yea come on Marky!

Not sure where to go from here Ade I’ve booked the car into Stratstone Lotus so will see what they say. I’ll have it though mate, will PM tomorrow tar mate.

What would happed if I left it running lean, I mean it runs great!

Lean running can and will result in an engine failure.

All cars run a little rich over stoich (14.7:1) as this provides cooling to the combustion.

Running lean gives the car more power - it will feel very quick - but you can hole a piston from it in severe cases, from predetonation of the fuel. Basically the cylinder temps get too high and the fuel combusts due to heat rather than ignition - and it happens when the piston isnt’ on the right part of it’s stroke.

I’ve seen many a scoob engine die from it.

If you get the car dyno’d you will get an AFR reading and can see if it’s lean.


Ever get this issue sorted? I’m about to get an ITG for my S2. Did you end up keeping yours on?

My computers down at home, well the one with software on so I’m having it read (red whatever) tomorrow with the original (thx Ade) airbox on after Donnington Monday.

To be honest it ran ok with the ITG on as well as it’s running now with the original airbox on but I’ve got a sneaky suspicion its still there all be it no light, but that was put out when the car was serviced and geo’d the other week.

I miss the ITG it sounds excellent and I’m going to put it back on tomorrow whatever and probably ask Hanger 111 to reprogram my ECC to the GT-spec again as most people I’ve spoken to now think there could of been a glitch with the original reprogramming. I doubt it very much but it’s another thing crossed of the list. Get then ITG, it does go BANG when the second cam kicks in and it does sound like Darth Vader…(I believe someone said)…I �m really missing it, sounds so pissy without it and I�m sure powers down.

Not much help hey, will post tomorrow.