Integra Type-r FOR SALE

Selling my motor to get an Exige, heres the link on Pistonheads:

Dont suppose anyone on here is after one, but thought id try. Its a fantastic F/F car.

Cant wait for an Exige

Well you could try and persuade Remarklima, and save the world from further oil shortage at the ends of an RX7.


Well, still looks like a bit too much for my financial plans thus far…

Anyway, sounds like they use a lot less than a VHPD

I thought my stick on plate was sketchy but that one!!!

Good luck with the sale and future ownership BY an Exige

You wont look back…




i had an elise for 2 years mate and didnt have one on the front at all! haha.

Cant wait for an exige, i constantly find myself dribbling over photos sad i know!



right ive just knocked �500 off it, any takers?