Haydon Exige Sports Exhaust

Approx 5000 miles, perfect condition, �130.Cheers

What type of pipe is a Hayden pipe? Is it the same as the Janspeed item? Single outlet oval? Just wondered. i may be interested! Thanks.

No its not the same as the Janspeed pipe, it has two large round pipes… Makes a nice noise though! It originally came with the car from Haydon Daytune, part of the Haydon Group, who had and I think still have their own exhaust manufacturer.Cheers

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll think about it. I’m not too bothered about the noise value i just want the gases out quicker.I,ve got the standard pipe at the mo so a new pipe would probably help over the standard.

Mark,I’ll have it - where abouts are you or can you send it parcel post. I can transfer cash into your bank account.

RobDon’t come crying to me when it scorches your newly modified clam!& you’re not borrowing Nickie’s toothbrush to clean it with niether - ner! [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]Tony

Sold to Rob! Can you mail me at [email protected] to arrange delivery / collection / money…Cheers

Mark - have E mailed you to fix arrangements.Tone, hope that Exige is still living up to expectations mate and that the neighbour is out of Hospital! Done 400 miles on one of my (motor)bikes today - the roads are too salty for the Elise. I continue to strive for immaturity as an pure artform and I’m really nearly there! If you are going up to Donnington you could stand me a Ribena!

RobWhere is Donnington (excuse my ignorance but I struggle when there are 7 Donnington’s listed) and what is on there and when?? Brain dead lately been working on mega building project at BBC in Sheppards Bush/White City. Neighbour going back in hospital for very painfull surgery to have Exige rear clam removed from his bottom.

It’s up near Nottingham!!!I’ll need a passport to go that far!!!PS Exige is still fine thanks Rob. Tempted to go for 190 kit… Just got to convince Nickie we don’t need to get married this year…and certainly not at Victoria falls - what is wrong with a beach wedding - Clacton is very nice!

Rob, I have got a Haydon’s exhaust on my Exige. When you fit it, make sure that the trumpets stick out of the clam as far as possible, otherwise the low pressure below the clam draws the hot gases down and scorches the GRP. Mine shed a sizeable scab. Adjusting to max length cured the problem, eventhough the adjustment was less than an inch.

Thanks for that Ken, I will check they stick out as far as the standard pipes. I have reduced the rear swirl effect by making up a (longer) rear diffuser with two extra elements that has helped to drastically reduced the temperature of the clam in the exhaust area. Sorry you wont be at Donnington Tone - you will miss a good day (and the chance to spend a fortune on the car!)