Gunmetal Exige - Still available due to timewaster

Being messed around so possibly the sexiest Exige in the world (well I am bias) is still available for sale.Fantastic condition and with every Lotus optional extra possible.The car had armourfend fitted from new hence the front clam is in very good condition.Serviced by Nick Whales & new Yoko A039’s @ 5,500 miles. Registered May 2001 (Y plate)Gunmental GreyBlue Alcantara interior7,700 miles190 ECUSport Exhaust (standard exhaust inc)Cat Bypass (cat included)Carbon Air BoxBlue & Carbon Race seatsHarnessesShift lightRadio fitting kitBraided brake hosesQuick shift gear linkageArmour fend - paintwork protectionMotorsport brake padsAir conRun on Mobil 1 from 1,000 miles and changed every 3,000 miles.Available for immediate delivery to one fanatical motorsport fan. Price �25,000 no offers please.


Hmmm - tasty spec/colour Gman - Bullseye!! - must admit I missed this one during my Exige trawl.

I’m glad you missed it! Paul definatley looked after it, and I have to say Gunmetal is where it is at…! I have my eye on some mods already…

quote:Originally posted by Gman:I have my eye on some mods already…Such as, given what Paul did to it?

Pesky I think Gman may have some rather major plans, ask him what else is hidden under covers in his garage!!Hope the beast is behaving it’s self, I finally moved last weekend, and the weather up north…its grim!! No chance of the R400 this side of spring so busy getting the Landrover stuck in boggy fields.Spare rims and slicks sold today, to Matt - whose in the process of fitting the S2000 vtec block to his motorsport Elise, now 280 bhp normally aspirated would be an interesting ride.All the best Paul

PaulOnce you’re settled in, post a message & we’ll organise a meet up with a few other Exigers in Lancs.

Hey Paul,The beast is behaving itself nicely ! no problems! Apart from the lack of dry roads. Hope the move went well, and drop me a line when you get a chance !The weather may be grim up north, but at least you have all those lovely roads and pubs.-Gman