Golf R32

For Sale, Black, Mar 03, 3k miles, Climate control, cruise, heated seats, leather etc. etc. �25000.07931 545969

Change of heart Russ??

Blimey Russ is selling all his cars, first the Elise S2 now the Golf [image][/image]What’s next? Hopefully not the Exige!

Yeah but … he’s just bought an S2 111S - to replace the S2 & the R32. That means they still have the Exige, 111S & Golf GTI between the two of 'em! [image][/image]


Yeah, great tho the R32 is, it is just not my cup of tea. The 111S is a great daily driver though, and SWMBO has her 2 seat sports (she is not an Exige fan) and a shopping trolley. That means I get my way for future vehicular purchases…what was that about an S2 Exige??? [image][/image]

AFAIK IHNIW SWMBO means…aint the 111S abit podgy ?? [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by RoxTeddy:aint the 111S abit podgy ?? [image][/image]Heavy for an Elise, but compared to a 1500kg Golf, its a racing snake!