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In exchange for Knowledge :-of the cheapest price for new ones, a set of rear A048’s, for track use only.Cheers

Russjust about to go over to them myself so let me know what you do, I haven’t made any enquiries yet but can get 10% discount off list direct from Lotus with my OLC membership, dont mind buying 2 sets if you are not a member…and of course I’ll take your old rears off you!!!

Hi SteveThanks for that - unfortunately, I have now ordered two off LRV - they seemed cheap anyway at �125 + vat fitted - what can you get them for? I will bring the tyres home with me if you want them - or would you prefer me to leave them at LRV for you?CheersRuss

RussT,how much a complete set of 48s LTS?CiaoNicolas

Hi NicolasCorrection by dealer today - the tyres are now �135 + vat + fitting…that is more like it! Over to you Steve, I am up for it, but it must be soon, I am virtually illegal now.CheersRuss

quote:Originally posted by RussT:Over to you Steve, I am up for it, but it must be soon, I am virtually illegal now.Bit of an understatement, mon ami! There’s more hair on the top of my head , than tread on your tyres - & that’s saying something [image][/image]

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!I have told everyone you are just testing pink crash helmets! [image][/image]

Russjust read your post now…can get prices from Lotus 1st thing Monday morning and give you a ring if you want…definitely have your takeoffs - can you take them home and maybe I can pick them up on a club night?

No prob Steve - I will get them fitted locally and let you have them whenever.

Russ - you have email.

Cheers SteveWill get back to you