For Sale: Exige/BJ Trailer/Land Rover Discovery...

…a complete Track Day solution. 2000 Exige 190 (15,000 miles) with track prep, a Brian James trailer and a 2002 Land Rover Discovery TD5 (13,000, Black, AC and generally good spec) to tow it all with.

Comes with three sets of wheels each with rubber. One slick, one good A39s, one “airfield set” plus a new set of A39’s. Plus assorted tools, fuel cans and the like.

Exige is SORN currently without Tax or MOT. I’ll put it on the road and/or deliver in UK for the buyer.

Offers in the region of �45,000 will be accepted.

New overseas business venture forces painful sale.

OK so its an optomistic post for but I thought I’d start here.

Hey AndyD…

somones nicked your stuff …

Hi Matt

Long time no hear! Are you setting up business in the USA - anyway, best of luck wherever you’re off to?


Almost !!!

Hi Pesky

Good to hear from you. Been back from US since April although have been generally off the road since then. Goodwood and CC just give me noise bother and anything else required planning! Bought an M3 recently which is keeping a grin on my face.

Maybe I should just book up a track day and get on with it.

Hi Matthew,
what do you want for the trailer? if you would be willing to split of course…(have the LR & Exige 190 already:).

Sorry need to keep the trailer and exige together - Exige is SORN and unlikely to make the MOT…