EXIGE S 1 Honda Supercharged

See the full ad on here . EXIGE S 1 Honda Supercharged

Somehow I have managed to get to 82 and can STILL get in it but getting out is a bit of a problem!!!
If someone can tell me how to edit the ad I will reduce the price to £37k.
Had an interesting scam reply to my Piston Heads ad from a chap claiming to be an RAF officer buying unseen for his brother …would get carrier to collect after sending funds to Pay Pal …Think he must have been based at Scammpton
Bl##dy Scambags


I have merged your posts together and changed the price. I have taken the liberty of tidying up the original post too. I trust that is in order?

If you need any assistance with anything let me know.


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Hi Andy thanks for that As you will be aware I have not logged on the the site for ages but must say I like the new layout …I will persevere to learn my way around.

thanks Clive

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It is now SOLD


Crikey! Just caught up with this. Sorry, it’s gone. Will the new owner join us on here? Hope so. Don’t want to lose touch with it (or you)

Yep garage now empty of Exiges after almost 20 years… :cry:
Guy is a real trackday enthusiast and has plans to DO Things to it .
Name is Grant Ross He might be on here already
Sad to be going but Anno Domini and all that… but the good side is MORE MOUNTAIN BIKING time!
Have fun everyone keep the smiles coming …

Mountain biking! Well done! Not an E-bike, I hope

Don’t discriminate @thommo :stuck_out_tongue:

YEP EMTB what do you expect at my age .!
Did I ever tell you my co made the badges used by Lotus to promote their carbon bike … that was a long time ago.

Oops, sorry, for my “ageist” comment but I’m still playing squash at 70 so I think it’s allowed!

And, no, Clive I didn’t know if your Lotus bike connection. Have you seen their latest effort? It’s been in use on track in the current UCI European League events

Nothing wrong with E-bikes if people get out and about and enjoy. They won’t let me have one on the Velodrome though.

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