Exige For Sale

I am selling My Exige after making a recent new car purchase…
2000, New Aluminum Silver,190,4 Point Harnesses, New Lotus Sports ( Twin Pipe ) Exhaust,28000Miles, Serviced Last Month by Lakeside,12 Months MOT,Lakeside have Just Rebuilt the Bottom End at �3K Cost,New Cambelt,New Oil Pump,New Ap racing Clutch…etc, Excellent Condition,Turbo T can verify…take the worry out of buying an exige that made need engine work I have just paid for it to be done ! I am looking for �19950 ONO Sorry no PX

Is that really the going rate?!

IDG, What do you mean ?

It seems rather low that’s all.


IDG, I know, It is not meant by anymeans to bring residuals on other owners down, I have priced it to sell quickly as I have more cars than bedrooms at the moment and my mrs is doing her Nut !!! Its a good example, if you know anyone looking than please let me know !?


Don’t worry about dragging down everyone else’s residuals.

If the S2 Exige is as disapppointing as it appears to be, there should be another surge in demand for S1’s.

If I were you, I’d seriously consider a price hike. You’re way below the prices others are asking and people will always try and take your price as a starting point in negotiations.

Thanks for the advice, What do you think I should put it up for then ? I have had a quick look at others advertised and thought that I was around the right price mark ?

I wouldn’t go less than �21.5K.

Bear in mind that the spring is coming and this always transforms the used Lotus market.

The arrival of a new Exige really is no bad thing for S1 owners. It will create new interest in the Exige concept and there will be many who won’t spend over �30K to sample it.

Most people, myself included, seem to be of the view that the S1 is a classic in the making and just looks so much more purposeful than the S2.

All this has to be good news for residuals which, by the way, have hardly fallen in the last year, save for the extra mileage that has been put on during this period.

Bear in mind also that with the servicing and work you have just carried out you are going to save someone a lot of money this year. This should improve your position in comparison with some other currently available examples

And never lose sight of the fact that there are less than 300 Exiges in circulation in the UK!!!

Thanks For your good advice.

There is an exige on the autotrader site at �16k! Always someone keen to sell…prices just relate to what someones willing to pay, however the base does seem to be �21k for S1 Exige now.

�16k sounds very low, Whats wrong with it ? its not EVO SALS Brother is it ?

No idea whos car, and wasn t trying to offer any reflection on yours just as a point of interest, sounds fine though…

� 19,995 seems about right, SW Lotus have a similar one for that price. Not sure where the �16k one is, shows 332miles away from me in Uxbridge!

Nice looking Chrome Orange one on autotrader as well.

This is the same car that was discussed on here a couple of weeks ago.


If the Exige is still for sale, pls email me.



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