Elise Rally Project

Here’s some footage of the roads that we’ll be driving on. I’ll be rasing the ride height and installing a sheep deflection bar on the front clam as the next mod!

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=SsiKZecNIDk >

Looks like fun, good luck with the car…I thought you guys would have a few more turns on the back roads. Here is a sample of the roads in LA. Ca. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km4IyerZkw8

Wes, please drop me an e-mail at <[email protected]>. I’m into a similar project with an Exige I got from Kev Procter and Dave Ballerby (RallyCrossers) and the cage is being built by Harry Hockley. Chris Birkbeck will be fitting an engine/Hewland, either a Ford Sigma or Duratec depending on the weight of the car (I have class minimums to meet). I’ll be in UK for Ireland WRC and will be in Yorkshire for a few days before. I’d like to hear some more about your project so I know what pitfalls to look out for. TIA.

Hi Greg,
I have read your note on the exige forum about your rally project. Seems were all into it at the moment. I have an S1 which I am preparing over the next 12 months for endurance racing and tarmac rallying, I also would like to build a forest car.
I am currently extending my garage to accomodate both cars and my FF1600 so I have snet my bodywork to a specialist in Southampton to have some work doen on it.
I to am fitting a Duratec conversion 2l to the car and have been speaking to Steve Williams @ SWlotus.com. I have been reading the forums about cages and would be interested to hear if Harry H is producing cage kits or is doing a one off for you.
Please keep my email address and perhaps we can share info.
Best wishes, glen

Just in case anybody was wanting to come and watch at the weekend (Sunday 11th November), here is a link to the spectator info page from the rally
Go up the A696 from Newcastle towards Otterburn. Spectator area will be sign posted from this road and along B6341. 1st car due at 09:00 and we are car 71.

Please avoid the village of Elsdon and drive and park sensibly!

Give us a wave as we pass!

Otterburn’s awesome - did it back in '93. The rally contained the longest stage I ever competed on, something like 26+ miles, my biggest problem was loosing concentration and lapsing into just fast driving not competitive driving!

One other the jumps - I hope you have wings!

You’ll also see lots of caution boards - its knowing which crest they apply to! (ie the one they are on or the next one which is within 100 metres)

We were also warned that if we “fell” off the stage to stay in the car or at worst follow the tyre tracks back to the stage - apparently there lots of live ordnance lying around…


Hi wesj111

I have a lotus elise that I use as “O car” in all rallys of the community where I live in spain.

If you see in my website, I can give you data to make a good engine for k rally.

Send me your email and I will send you pictures of my car and if you want, you can make an engine for Rally 250/260 c.v.,turning your engine at 2.0 k.



Next event is at Weeton camp near Blackpool next Sunday 9th December. Tony Prosser, S2 Exige owner, is sitting in the passenger seat for his first experience of navigating providing I can bend his legs enough to get him in.

Some of the stages will be running in the dark so I have fitted a 4 lamp pod to the front of the car.

Hi Wes,
What lamp pod is it? Is it a modified pod from another make?
Best wishes, Glen (looks great)

Hi Glen,

I needed a lamp pod urgently for the Cheviot Rally. To tie me over my navigator offered me the use of his Nova lamp pod. Luckily it’s not a bad fit at all. I fastened it to the front clam via two rivnuts and a front retaining strap connected to the towing eye. It’s that good that I’ll stick with it. I sprayed it to match the car last week. It’s essential for Weeton on Sunday as the last 2 stages are in the dark.


Follow the link and find out for yourself


PS Wes - Just for the record - I never said you could have the lamp pod permanently and definitely never said you could paint it green!

How deep was that?
Did it all go ok or were you water logged?

The water was about a foot deep, never seen anything as crazy on a club rally. We taped up the side air intake and re-routed the breather to avoid any problems. The only issue was that the screen misted up ever time we went through the water. I had to ‘use the force’ to see where the hell we were going, it cost me a load of time. At every service we had to bail out the footwell to get rid of the trout.

hi ! i am new to this forum and i have to say nice work elise for rally ,i want to see more video of elise doing rally!

There is a great video on you tube of an S2 rallying in France.
I have posted some bits on Seloc also to get more info on Rally Elise/Exiges but as yet know one is aware of them.
I went to the Wydean rally on Sat and saw the 1400cc car (orange fearutred in Motoring news) which although had over heating problems seemed to be doing very well.
Please keep emailing on this subject.

Hi Wes,
Any more news on the car?

He was hospitalised after they ran over a piece of metal on the stage that stuck up through the floor of his Peugeot WRC and ripped his Kevlar seat and rear end, ouch.

fugin 'ell! bit intense isn’t it?

The problem with a Lotus is that once you’ve sold one you start to scratch your head and ask why? I’ve spent the last year rallying a very quick Peugeot 106 which was an excellent machine. We had some good results (and a few minor excursions). However with an extension of the family at xmas I’m not going to be doing much rallying this year. So I’ve sold the Pug and bought an S2 Exige…in kit form. It’s had a minor front end incident. After driving my friends S2 on a tour of Scotland last year I was sold on them, great handling and massive fun on the 2nd cam.

The plan is to build the Exige into a track/tarmac rally car. I learn’t a lot when building the S1 Elise and this should be equally as good a car. It will be a bit lardy in comparison to the S1 but should be good reliable fun. The first step is to get the bodywork repaired, most of the parts are on order. Next step is to go for a weld in cage, this time without the door bars for better access. After that it’s off to the paint shop. Then I’ll need to fit the seats, harnesses and extinguishers. In my S1 I had a pair of Corbeau sprint race seats side by side. It was a tight fit (in many ways) but worked. I’m not sure which seats to go for this time, they both have to be FIA approved for rallying. It would be nice to have one that I can sit in for more than 30 minutes since I want to use the car on the road for a bit of fun as well.

I’m not sure when the first event will be, I’m not setting any deadlines this time, although my navigator is keen to see it on stage as soon as possible… easy when you’re not the one doing the work and paying the bills!

Sounds good matey!!!

Looking forward to seeing your new rally car!

Thanks Sean.

I collected the roll cage this week and the car is hopefully going to the paint shop next week so things are progressing, just got to decide on that difficult technical issue - what colour? It needs to be 2 pack for when it needs repairing, all the Exige colours seem to be 2 stage paints.

Great performance for you in race 1 at the weekend, held off well under some pressure from behind. A real shame about race 2. I came down to have a look at the cars and get some ideas. I was the guy driving the pram around the paddock! That’s the extent of my competitive driving for the next few months.