Edwards Front Splitter

Having just sold the Exige I now have a edwards front splitter which I never got around to fitting on the car so its brand new!!

A far as I can remember it was �100 so �80 seems fair.

Still have this in the garage if any one is interested plus also have a spare coil pack, an air box, and a set a head light covers.

what do you want for the headlight covers??

Chris if you want them you can have them FOC (free of cost)

Yes please

Let me know when it’s a good time to come and get them from you and I’ll buy you a beer.

Randy if you are going to the tuner GP I can bring them along for you, Mark is only 1 min away from me, if thats ok with him.

Sounds good to me


What are you doing with your old covers, mate? Are they cracked?

Serious question, cos both mine are cracked!!!


Fine by me I can drop them round to Christain either tonight or tommorrow which ever suits

not a problem mark im in both evenings.