Don't want to make a decision I later regret???

quote:Originally posted by Tone:You could always train your g/f… When you sound your horn she could run out of the house with two planks to make the transition from road to driveway [image][/image] [image][/image]lol...very good Tone. Not to mention she would also need glowing batons (one held in each hand) to help guide Benja on to the planks. Hmmmm…perhaps she should train on an aircraft carrier first. [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Kevin (edited 17 September 2002).]

I could sound the horn, and she runs out and wraps said planks around my head,…much more likely…

quote:Originally posted by Mike T:…also went round in the Porsche Cup car with Mark Cole (this years champ)totally mental speed and made me realise how much difference there is between mere mortals and the committed racing driver…If Mark still does the Advanced course at Thruxton in the Elise I recommend it. Three of us shared him for half a day and learned loads. Top Chap/Champ.

quote:Originally posted by Tone:Sorry - perhaps “boring” was to strong a word. Should have said “not enough feedback from the car - for me anyway”.ToneNo worries mate.Benja(waiting for the nice cold/wet weather so that it can try and catch me out,…it can be a bit of a handful!).The one thing I did miss at first about my M3 was power-on oversteer - however, it often kicked my butt esp in the wet. Now I have had to get used to some understeer, which I never noticed in the M3 although the feedback (as Tone says) with the Exige is way way in excess of anything I got in M. Like Ally says much more of a precision tool.

LOL - all that stuff about planks [image][/image] [image][/image]

Power oversteer is in abundance in the M. It has switchable traction control but it only really works at low speed. In the first week after it was run in, I powered out of a huge fast (vey wet) roundabout and suddenly found myself “navigating through the passenger window” if you get my drift (lol double pun!!!). “What is wrong with it, screams the bird”,…“That’s called Power Oversteer” I cooly reply,…(still needed fresh set of underpants though). What I really need is a precision instrument, something I know that the Exige will deliver…bird won’t miss the power-on o/s, I might a little bit…