Carving up my engine cover...???


Does your fan work? If not, perhaps it was a contributory factor to your HGF in 2003 , & your engine trouble last year?

I honestly don’t know if the fan works. Even on that day in Monaco, the coolant temp didn’t go over about 96 degrees. The fan shouldn’t have come on anyway.

Are you sure it isn’t seized like mine?

(sorry, posted this without reading page 2)


I reckon you should check your fan anyway… mines used to come on around 95 degrees


Strangely enough – I just found out at MOT that mines is knacked as well – maybe everyone should check theirs

I live in London,…I hear it come on a lot

Yes, I should check mine. Even if it seems unnecessary. Maybe I should just take the thing off to save weight

Well, got my car back today…

New rad fan
Pesky’s old AC compressor (bet you didn’t know that Rob?)fitted to replace my failed unit
General sort out, A service etc…

Result?.. now runs cool again even when idling in traffic (76 -80 degrees) (as it always did when I was moving) - the extractor ducting definately sucks out lots of hot air - and I WILL NOT HEAR ANY ARGUMENT THAT SAYS THEY DO NOT WORK!!!

(mild RANT — People on this forum are obsessed with pumping cold air into engine compartments, brakes etc apparently without considering the overall airflow in through and out of these places - just forcing cold air in is not enough. Basic engineering says that you will get better results by taking away hot air and best results if you do both - create a low pressure escape area for the hot stuff and it will suck in all the cold air you want to replace the hot: that is why the motorsport engine cover is so effective without doing anything else! -----end of mild RANT)

Anyway, ready for Croft I think.