Carbon and Fibre Glass bits Price list

When can i have an Exige/motorsport elise front Clam, made by fibreglass?

When can i have an Exige/motorsport elise front Clam, made by fibreglass?

Hi George, looks like its going to be the second week in Jan now:(, Send me a pm if your interested.

I am looking at getting the larger side scoops from ReVerie if you could do some would be interested in them too (S2)
cheers Jamie

I’ll get some made up for you jamie

Maddog, put me down for a set of carbon S2 side scoops please. Reverie seem a bit steep. Also interested in gear lever cover like Jamie. Cheers SIMON.

I should have them ready in 2 to 3 weeks
and they should be about half the price of Reveries
sorry for the delay

…Oh and Diffuser

…Oh and Diffuser

front or rear?

…Oh and Diffuser

front or rear?

What was I thinking

…dreaming of all things CF

will you be doing a lightweight rear Exige clam? if so how much lighter,and how many �,same question for the Exige roof

Jonny in short, yes
I’ll have 3 options on the clams, fibreglass, carbon with woven backing and full carbon fibre and will be available by the middle of Feb, I am having full carbon clams made up so will post the weights when I have them. I am getting prices early next week for clams, motorsport roof and engine cover.

Hi Maddog,
I’m also after a rear diffuser for a S2 Exige but with NO hole cut for the exhaust as my new exhaust will be going above the diffuser…(like it should have done in the first place)

Plus I was going to order the carbon S2 door cover panels and gear stick and handbrake surround from
Will you be making these?

Hi Ozzer,
If you can wait a month I’ll be doing the s2 interior in february, its probably going to be a the end of feb before I do the rear diffuser for the s2 in carbon, Sorry

Hi Guys,

Thought I’d give you an update on the bits, most of the moulds have been done, things are taking longer than expected but should be able to get things out before the end of the month, sorry for the delay

Thanks for the update

I think Ozzer will be needing a few more GT3 like bits

I’ll be doing the roofs with the roof scoops like the gt3 for the s1 and s2 aswell

Will you be doing carbon clams that fit an S1 elise??? dont mind if there exige clams to be honest.

how much roughly??

Any idea how you will do this? Will you use the current roof or start from scratch?