Broken engine mount?

35000 miles on a rolling road right??!


Fink I’m gonna have to start using a hacksaw on some of the bits on my car I’m starting to feel the odd one out here.

Don’t tempt fate! It’ll all go at once!


Yep guess you are right Ian.
Got the bill for Muts Nuts discs and pads last week - gotta pay for them to be fitted this week…
Discs, pads and tyres are quite expensive enough thank you very much!

Nooo, part of the excitement is to fit them yourself!

Really, it’s the easiest part of doing mechanics on the Exige.
I could change both front disks and pads in 40min (in fact, I have )
This with one Halfords jack.

The rear ones take me 30 min using the same pads or 1 hr if you have to change pads (15 min each side to wind the psitons)

Listen to me, you’ll save a lot of dough if you do it yourself (and there’s nothing easier)

I know you are right, but when I talked about doing the brakes myself I caught my partner reading the small print of my life insurance policy and smiling at me more than usual. and she started visiting mercedes garages alot…
and asking about the merits of an slk320 over the 230???
confused me so much thought i’d let the professionals do the job

Precisely why I don’t let the garages do the brakes on my car.

I have even sent the car for servicing with the instructions “not to do the brakes and air filter” as I have done that already.

I wouldn’t trust that to them. I want it done properly.

Doesn’t any of the DIY Exigers leave close to you so he can check you out?

Ok, no excuses I’ll do them myself next weekend.
Can’t be more difficult than cleaning inside the headlamp voids and sealing the glass up properly!..

FYI - when I was at Lakeside Eng they were talking about an Elise that had gone too far on the bracket strenghting and it actually lead to chassis damage!


Does anybody have a clue how this would damage the chassis?
I’m trying to get my bracket welded up in the next week or so and I want to make sure I don’t do anything bad.
BTW, Geary at Eliseparts says they’re planning to produce a strengthened bracket, but it’s a few months away yet.

It ripped out of the chassis rather than breaking. Apparently somebody had gone mad with the welder!


It ripped out of the chassis rather than breaking. Apparently somebody had gone mad with the welder!


shoooorly shome mishtake ?? Tell me something else was far wrong with that particular car ?? I can’t imagine the forces required to rip this bracket out of the chassis should exist in a correctly functioning car with all of the other engine mountings intact ?? and without whacking a solid object like a concrete bollard or dropping something on it … ehhh

do you know the full story ?? Did they try welding it up on the car and weaken the ally ??

No sorry, an off the cuff third hand story. They had the bits still there though.