BRG Exige for sale.

Exige (X11 GGE)BRG with black leather/alcantara00(X) (Reg’d : 8/11/00)11,450 miles (150 on track)190 kitSupersport exhaust with de-cat pipe.Pagids, braided hoses and SRF.Lotus (B&M) quickshift.RFK (with occasionally working and audible CD player).Factory alarm and Tracker.Spares: 3 part-worn rear 39’s (1xgood tread, 2x2mms above legal).Original 177 ECU.Carbon airbox.Original catalyst (stored since 1,000 mile service).Original exhaust.Exige mats!Fixed prices : �23,000 for car and spares. �24,000 with registration included. Any inspection welcome. Notes : I’ve owned the car since new and carefully ran the car in. Very regretful sale but I’m due to take delivery of another track-biased car soon and can’t justify keeping both.Photos link

Ally, would you sell the carbon airbox apart? (I would be interested in that)The spare one is besides the one you have in the car, right?

You forgot to mention the driving lamp protectors!?! Or are you keeping those? [image][/image]

oi Ally, that is a shame…really…but I do understand where you are coming from…still very sad news indeed…Bruno

Uldis, I’d be happy to sell it seperate except a prospective owner for my car, may want it so I’d best hang onto it for the moment. Unless you can offer �10,000? It’s signed by Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, honest. [image][/image]Reg organised another supplier for carbon-airboxes if you want to try them. I think Ian (IDG) bought one (amongst others). Ian, you know there’s NO way I could ever part with my lamp protectors! [image][/image]Bruno, [image][/image] but I won’t be too surpised if I’m back in one in due course, hopefully my own buggy.

Ally, thanks for the feedback and the link.I’ll call the guy, but the links that were on that thread were dead. Maybe the company changed name?Let’s see.Cheers,Uldis

quote:Originally posted by Ally:Reg organised another supplier for carbon-airboxes if you want to try them. I think Ian (IDG) bought one (amongst others).Close, IPJ.He liked it, see bottom of… [image][/image]

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quote:Originally posted by Pesky:Just Ally getting his topic “bumped” back to the top of thread page [image][/image]I see, I’d hate people to think the ‘bump’ was to any of that lovely BRG paint work!Ian [image][/image]

Bumpity-bump.100% reliable car. Famous last words but tis true.Must go soon or I will be forced to move into a caravan. With parking for four cars and a trailer. [image][/image]

I suppose this car has been sold by now but just thought I’d check?!?

Might be for sale - you have mail Peter.

After deciding to keep the Exige, I’ve decided to sell again [image][/image] - itchy feet syndrome I’m afraid but two years is the longest I’ve kept a car. Having a possible 2nd hand purchase inspected next week and if it passes OK, intend to buy. Would prefer to sell my car directly to an enthusiast than a dealer that will add a �3k mark-up on it.�21,500 without reg no.�22,500 with reg no. (X11 GGE)All receipts kept for car from new and replaced parts (ie 177 ECU and original exhaust. Has been well looked after (warmed up carefully, etc).Mail me if you’re interested. Thanks.

GT3 bought last week so Exige must go very soon. [image][/image] Therefore, �1,000 off above prices. Needs new tyres shortly though (at wear indicators, below on outside edges).

AllyGT3 - fantastic car [image][/image]

Cheers Rob. It’s not bad for a VW Beetle on steroids. [image][/image]

Still available - goes to Lotus garage next week if not sold very soon.�20,500 is a bargain.