Ok… I have available 4 new front AO39’sand 2nearly new rear AO39’s�125.00 each for the fronts and �75.00 each for the rears. Plus shipping at cost [image][/image]ANyone interested please mail me at [email protected] JOHNO

are they on rims? if so im interested. [email protected]

hi Ant…Just tyres.JOHNO

quote:Originally posted by Ant Reeley:are they on rims? LOL [image][/image]

Oi Peskey! Are you being rude?

AntThought you were having a laugh, given the price of Exige wheels!IIRC prices are around �200 for fronts, & �300 for rears - i.e. each wheel & excluding VAT. [image][/image]

Nah, you just never know your luck, though I would like a set for track days. Hope this message finds you well. RegardsAnt

Well guys, I never thought I would be asking for this, but in order to finish the fronts, I need another pair of half-life rear A039’s [image][/image]I know, I should be getting the A048’s set, (and I am, for the Nurburgring trip, really!), but I still wanted to see if I could extract all usable life from the fronts awith another set of good used rears.So, what do you say, do you have a pair of good, used rears that you’re not really using?Or do I really have to get the A048’s now and offer a pair of used fronts (that maybe nobody wants anyway)Uldis(PS - don’t tell me I’m cheap. please!)[This message has been edited by Uldis (edited 23 January 2003).]

Dont be so cheap [image][/image] [image][/image]

Uldis - you are “cheap”… but not as cheap as me, hopefully my names already on JohnO’s 39’s [image][/image]

Ooops… sorry forgot to mention, only the rears. Fronts may well be still available.

Hi SteveOk.,., the car is nearly ready yipeeee!!!So I will take the 4x4 down and pick up the tyres also.Will give you a shout asapJohnO

Cheers JohnO, no rush a few mm left yet [image][/image]

Steve has still a few mm left!And my rear tyres have less than 1 mm left! [image][/image]OK, then it’s official, I’m cheap. I’ll just buy the whole A048 set and forget about this.BTW, couple of half-life front A039 available soon…Cheers!Uldis

Uldis, thanks mate now I feel really cheap [image][/image]


Uldis,I have no shame as I know I’m cheap! I could be interested in your front A039’s when you change, just let me know.ThanksNick.