After an airbox!

Dear all - am trying to hunt down an airbox/backplate from a 190 (have been advised that everyonw here is nice and helpful).

So - if anyone is going up to jenveys and bernard scouse airbox or similar, am after your old one!

Don’t need carbon fibre, any old airbox will do.

If you have one - could you let me know a price and/or dimensions/photo?

btw - simon - dropped you a reply

Many thanks,

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I’ve gone jenveys but kept the old air box.

Which one do you want Exige airbox or Sport 190 as i think they are different.

I have an Exige airbox for sale - it is the standard one, not carbon fibre… In addition I have the big elephants trunk hose that connects to the airbox…

I am having the audi transplant, hence the availability

how much would you like for it? with backplate?


Chatting to the guy who is extending my airbox and he mentioned he could make carbon boxes for approx �200.

So is anyone interested in a much lighter airbox? if so i will get some more details from him.

How is he extending it? rearwards? upwards?
Because I want to keep the same averall depth but increase it UP (longer curved trumpets)

Its being extended by 4 inches rearwards so that the trumpet openings are not at the back of the box.

But then you’ll virtually lose your boot space!


And that’s why I don’t want to extend it any further.
I’d like to make it taller in order to fit curved trumpets…

But having your induction path as straight as possibly is much better than having it curved

Anyway you should see Bernards large airbox, now that is no boot space

how much would you like for it? with backplate?



Sorry for the delay in replying.

I only have the airbox (and intake hose) - the backplate went with the engine !!

I’ll email you with a price, but it won’t be huge


Dave YHM

nothing received…
double check - [email protected] or [email protected]


It was an mail - there should be a flashing red ‘mail’ symbol near where it says ‘welcome’, but I’ll resend to your proper address in a minute!!

d’oh… that’ll teach me not to read. Thanks for the info. I WILL need a backplate but is all acacdemic at the moment as car is in bits awaiting diagnosis… Will respond as soon as I know which way the wind is blowing.

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