A few bits to sell at Donington on 24th Sept

  1. Magnecor Exige plug leads - almost new �50.

  2. Exiges.com sunstrips - �16

  3. RussT’s Honda engine & 6 speed lsd gearbox - �1.99 each (cash only)

  1. RussT’s Honda engine & 6 speed lsd gearbox - �1.99 each (cash only)


DAD! Stop flogging my stuff off cheap, just cut back on your expensive hobbies…


Last time I spoke to him Robbo was looking for some magnecor plug leads, He may be interested. But I dont think he will be at Donny (holiday I think).

Dad and I may pop over to the Melbourne View for a swift 1/2 on tuesday if we can get a pass out if not we’ll see you all on wednesday. I think we should try to claim several garages together so we can have “TEAM EXIGES.COM
Cheers Steve.


Great - hope you secure the passes - just tell her that you need to road test the car before the trackday

Garages - I’ll bring some “Reserved” signage

I may pop over for a swift half on Tuesday night as well

See you all then


I may well bring a load of well used 039s if anyone is interested…


Could you organise me another visor,unfortunately destroyed the last one with the help of a jet washer.Blue on silver was the colour.Perhaps I can pay you on Wednesday and have the visor if poss then or otherwise you can forward it later on.
And while I,m thinking about it has anybody got a use for a pair of Michelin 225x45x17 ,as new, done probably 500 road miles, going to first reasonable offer(need the space)



Mike - is the pope a catholic…if there is enough rubber left to last an airfield day before going down to canvas then I’ll have as many as I can get into the back of my Discovery!

I’ll have a root around in the garage for some bits but i definitely have:

  • a new unused pipercross cone filter

  • a used pipecross cone filter (@5k miles)

  • used standard exhaust with cat (@5k miles)

  • and a standard set of seats (not leather)

all off my Exige…


I’ve only got black/silver logos sunstrips. These have proved the most popular & suit every colour of Exige - my money is where my mouth is on my Laser Blue car.

Look forward to seeing you & the rest of the guys on Tues evening/Weds at Donny.

Sounds good to me,Bring one along for me if you w uld.Look forward to seeing you all Wednesday morning can’t really justify a hotel only 30-40 mins from home.



Rob - finally got new screen fitted!! - hope to pop down to Donny on 24th - car looks strangely naked sans visor…

I will be bringing a car load of 039s in various conditions…

Just hope I won’t be taking them back home again!!


Mike - I’ll definitely be there in the Landrover…so should have plenty of room!