295 discs on the rear too???

i think it is exactly the opposite, in the rain bbecause of lesser weight transfer u need more braking power on the rear!

Less traction would need less force to lock them up.

Less traction would need less force to lock them up.

But that would apply to all your tyres.

So in the wet you can’t load up the front as much and therefore have more weight over the rear IYSWIM.

In the wet you can use some more rear bias, but there’s a fine line, as if you overdo it, the rear will quickly overtake your front

In the dry, you can have more front bias, as there is more traction and weight transfer.

But the idea of a limiter in the front circuit is forbidden by some because of safety grounds.
And as I mentioned, it may add a bit of weirdness to the pedal feel because of not being linear and very different between adjustments.

the AP reduction valve is not linear, applied to front brakes it would be not nice to use.

In case anyone is still unsure, you need more rear braking In the wet because you do not get so much weight transfer…

The fronts cannot grip as much so less weight transfers forward, and the rears therefore have more weight on them, and can therefore cope with a higher proportion of the braking effort…