270BHP 1.4K series engine

Cross post from another site:“I have been asked to post this on behalf of Mark Waldron. For those who don’t know Mark, his is the British Hill Climb Champion - www.waldrons.uk.com. He is selling last years engine, idea for hill climbs and sprints. Want to hear the spec? … here it is!Built by Lotus in 1998 for Mark Waldron1400 cc turbocharged engine.Bore � 75mm. Stroke � 79mm (1396cc x 1.4 = 1955cc)Compression ratio � 7.68CrankcaseEarly 1.4 crankcase � top-hung wet liners. M/c for large studs and turbo oil drain.Fitted turbo oil drain baffle. Main Bearing Support Plate Through studs and nut sStd 1.4 liners - 0.0030/0.0035� clearanceCrankshaftK-series 1.4 crankshaft, with web profiles modified for piston clearance Pistons/Con-rodsModified pistons - machine crown, valve cut-outs, skirt clearance Con-rods � Arrow special E009 (turbo Elise)Oil pumpStandard pump, fitted Quaife steel inner rotorRemote oil filter � adapter plate in place of std. filter mount.Cylinder headK-series 1400 Cylinder head, fitted VVC exhaust valves/seats.Ported to match manifolds. Drilled for larger through-studs.Standard gasket.Piper 270� cams � solid lifters.Cams phased at zero.Inlet manifoldStraight inlet manifold assemblyThrottle body Support frame fabricated to suit.8 injectorsCharge coolerMulti-pass, based on Covrad core. Fabricated to suit installation. Integral tank.Coolant pump Exhaust manifoldFabricated multibranch manifold in austenitic stainless steel tube.TurbochargerSpecial Variable Nozzle Turbocharger + wastegate. 60mm � 60trim compressor.The engine is complete from air filter to exhaust pipe and has had a “freshen up rebuild” . The ECU is available but is not included in this price.All this for �4250!He also has a almost complete car in bits (ever wanted to build your own Elise) it is missing body work as his car is all carbon fibre. If you want the car and the engine it is yours for a snip at �17k. The car specs include -Close Ratio Gearbox, Limited Slip Differential, New Lotus Sport suspension kit, with adjustable platform dampers, Roll cage, and many other new componentsOh I haven’t mentioned the power have it?! silly me…well it is capable of over 270BHP! yes that’s 270BHP from a 1.4K series engine! The old car used to do 0-60 is 1.9 seconds!Want to know more? Drop me a mail or contact Mark direct at [email protected] and mention that you got the details from me.RobS160”

Holy Sh*t 0-60 in 1.9 secs…how many G’s is that pulling !!!

Hmmm.Unless the car weighs as much as a J Cloth, can’t see 1.9 secs.Saw a Tiger (under 500kgs?) with twin bike engines, ie. 4WD + 350bhp ONLY managed 2.9 secs to get a new record. The difference between 2.9 and 1.9 is quite an enormous amount.Do F1 cars manage it?Phil GT

1.9 seconds 0-60 - in your dreams

quote:Do F1 cars manage it?Last time I saw an F1 car tested, which was fairly recently, it managed 0 - 100 - 0 in 6.4. From memory 0 - 60 was IRO 2 seconds. The R500 has a better power to weight than this albeit with maybe less traction and IIRC holds (held?) the production car 0 - 60 record at 3.2. Ho hum…

Tiff has just got the production record in a twin bike engined thing (Tiger?) from the RS200 Ford Group A rally car (which they had to make several hundred ‘production’ versions of in order to rally it - I once was driven by Ari in one, who made my kidneys hurt!). Both were just under 3 secs.I understand the R500 has the production 'Ring record though.Ian [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

I believe that 1.9 seconds is actually the time for covering the first 60 feet (I’m probably wrong about the actual distance) in a sprint. Is it normal in sprints to measure the time over first few yards as well as the overall time. I believe that is a very competitive time.

Bendan - its 64 feet - thats to do with “g” -in other words accelation.32 ft per second is 1g so you can work out the rest - ie 64 ft in 2 seconds is 1g.Best I’ve done in my mini is 2.5 which really shows you need a rear engined car, loads of traction ( hence burnouts to get some heat in the tyres ) and a very good traction control system ( right foot for most of us )HTH

Is the engine sold yet? If not, how durable is it? And how long is it between rebuilds?