2007 Lotus 2-Eleven

No, in terms of an alternate fix for manual shifting on track other than the 2-Eleven :wink:

I did explore the E153 at length when I had my Exige. It is bulletproof, and does fit somewhat well - but it’s just an awful box to pair up to a 2ZZ I think.

The 5 speed ratios just don’t suit the 8500rpm limit, I think the only way to get it feel anywhere near cohesive is to slap a massive turbo on and have it work with that power delivery.

… hmmm, massive turbo you say


Take apart your laminova, as you can get repair kits - seals and stuff. When you take it apart, you will see why it would never be clean with just flushing.

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Thanks for keeping up the posts. Really enjoying :+1:

I should update the 340R thread!

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Turns out that this wasn’t a terrible suggestion, thanks John!

Rebuild kit was inexpensive and a doddle to do, well worth doing.

The electric oil pump was less serviceable, so had to stick my hand in my pockets to replace that to be on the safe side.

In all likelihood it would be “fine”, but there was a fair bit of scoring on the walls of the gear housing, so efficiency would certainly be down. Will keep hold of it because every now and then I come across a requirement to move large quantities of liquid from one place to another… might come in handy!

Perhaps pessimistic, but I’d like to protect the re-investment this time by fitting a pre-filter to the pump. Mocal recommend a 240 micron filter, and so have bought this with the new pump.

Packaging may be a bit of a challenge because it’s much bigger than I expected, so once gearbox is back in I’ll play with some layouts and see where it can fit.

I suppose it does beg the question of why should I refit the cooler? It was fitted in the hope that keeping gearbox temps in check would prevent failures and it’s clearly not worked. After further thought on it though, I am happy to keep the cooler on, under the basis that it DOES lower temps on track considerably and some of the side benefits you get such as persistent shift quality and perhaps better synchro wear etc are still worth having the pump on. Also found niche benefit from having it on during sprint events too, in which you can use it to actually pre-heat the gearbox from the engine coolant temp when you have 45-50mins of downtime then a quick 70 second sprint.

Aside from cooler stuff, I got to work prepping the engine side ready for reinstall.

I’ve had a rear main seal in stock for a while, because of the three 2ZZ cars I’ve had in this state before - 2 of them had early signs of weeping. This one however was bone dry and clean, I debated internally about swapping it anyway but in the end bottled it. It’s not hard to fit, but I would be rather annoyed with myself if I cocked it slightly and ended up introducing a weep that would not be identified until the car was back together… So seal can go back into storage, for now.

Flywheel on with ARP bolts.

Followed by the Competition Clutch.

Just a waiting game now to get the box(es) back. I’m away the next couple of weekends so it’ll very much be an evenings job to rebuild the car before Croft. I’ll also have no chance of getting the 500 recommended “running in” miles on the clutch so we’ll see how that goes.

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