2007 Lotus 2-Eleven

Thanks lotuslee and seriouslylotus .

The Dolomite shifter is probably the forerunner for aftermarket options just because it seems to be the best price/availability point. I know [email protected] has recently delivered some honda ones which are bloody fantastic and might be adaptable for Toyota applications but I don’t think timescales will suit.

Ultimately I think I’d prefer the Lotus setup but I fear it’ll be the hardest to source and likely most expensive…

So with all that in consideration I don’t want to rush anything or buy something just because it’s available or cheap. I’d really like to tighten up the current setup even if just to get me into winter so I can take my time and do it properly.

Who are you and what have you done with Kyle?


Can we just take a moment to appreciate that the guy who makes gear sticks is called Manuel?


Having said all that about the Dolomiti shifter if i went that way again i would listen to @Dave says and fit the Lotus unit and cables from him.

There was a lot of work to get the Lotus console to fit the Dolomiti.

Sorry if I’m slow, but I just realised this is your car!


Looks fantastic! :smiley:

Ah yes that is the one, completely neglected to mention in the post that it’s got Youtuber farts in it :laughing:

It’s got no roof, so the farts don’t count :thumbup:

Well, you would think :laughing:

:angel: Not that I was looking at YouTube with a view to getting a 211 or anything…. Lol

Aside from the opening weekend I don’t think I’ve ever been ‘less active’ on a new car before. Literally not turned a wheel since getting home since Donington, still haven’t washed it and I can’t even begin to think about tinkering on it until the Exige has gone.

It’s good though, excitement and anticipation for the next drive is constantly growing :thumbup:

What do you think the weight actually is? I’ve seen mentions of everything from 650KG up to 760KG

I think the 6XX figure is the dry weight, so should be somewhere between 700 and 750 with fluids in it. It’ll be on some scales at some point I’m sure :thumbup:

There’s still a bit of meat on the bone to shave off though, has a ~6kg PC680 in it which you could drop 4kg from… and… uhmm… that’s probably about it :mrgreen:

Am I the only one checking in daily, hoping for an update on the 2-11? :laughing:

No, no you’re not! I pestered Kyle on whatsapp last night!

Sorry gents, I know it’s been a slow burner! Some stuff has been happening, just nothing through to completion yet! I’ll get organised and updated this week :thumbup:

Ha! No rush mate, sorry - I just want to see more pics of the beast, to be honest! :laughing:

OK I’ll give you a taster

You tease… :smiling_imp:

Shifter time! :smiley: