#140 checking in

Thanks Deggles. I fitted a janspeed exhaust today to replace the rather tiered oem unit, the flexi went back in okay and doesn’t appear to leak however I’m going to get a replacement as the likelihood is I’ll be fitting a Decat soon so can replace all together.

Anyone have any good / bad experiences on decats, given it’s just a pipe with 2 flanges I’m confused how there seems to be a range of £30-150 for them!

When I had my K Series, I tried with and without a CAT.

With decat. Louder (obnoxiously loud) and seemed to rev slightly quicker. Smelly.

Without decat… Seemed to have a bit more low down torque. Didn’t miss the swapping every year for an MOT.

Exhaust has been swapped out for a Janspeed unit, took a bit of a punt on it, and turned out successful!

Ive also ordered a new flexi and Decat to install, may well refit the cat but wanted to see how unsocial the car will be without the cat.

Today I also went about fitting the PRRT from Elise parts, thanks god you can remove the metal panel behind the engine…forgot how well hidden the thermostats are on these engine but managed to do it removing just the airbox…

Tomorrow we bleed the coolant and if all goes well I’ll get the Decat on.


Forgot the sense of mild chaos that ensues when trying to bleed a K series, lotus of character building stuff.

I’ve flushed and been through gallons of lotus approved coolant, there was never a big moment where you saw the thermostat open and heaps of coolant consumed though. I’ve concluded this must be because the car was lifted at the rear when I drained it and so the rad never got emptied.

Car now sits just under 80, before it was 88. Does anyone else see similar results?

Missed this! Glad you finally bought an Exige S1 Toby. Congrats!

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I think my Janspeed exhaust is on the way out. I’d like to replace like with like but been told Janspeed no longer supply the twin tail pipe Supersport. Can I ask, where did you find a new one? { orignally got mine from Demon Tweeks.

Thanks Emiel!

Got mine second hand. Theres a fairly decent looking Oval tipped one on ebay atm.

Thanks for info. Mine held out during recent Euro trip and I must say I much prefer the twin pipe.